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artist repaints beauty beast doll

After fans complained that Emma Watson's Belle doll for Beauty and the Beast looked nothing like her, one artist has repainted her face. “A Tale of Two Belle's (before and after) custom repaint of Disney Store Emma Watson.
Artist spends 40 hours transforming Beauty and the Beast doll after fans The custom repaint of the / 28 cms tall Disney Store Belle is.
Disney's Belle doll from Beauty and the Beast was hideous, so this This Artist Fixed Disney's Ugly Belle Doll, and Now It Really Looks Like Emma Watson In addition to repainting the face, Cruz cut and restyled the doll's...

Artist repaints beauty beast doll - - traveling cheap

Seeing the dolls next to each other like that really points out how sad the original doll looked. TOWIE's Pete Wicks and Georgia Kousoulou pictured in a heated row on the street as they film tense new scenes for the show.

artist repaints beauty beast doll

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Tour: Artist repaints beauty beast doll

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Artist repaints beauty beast doll -- tri

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artist repaints beauty beast doll