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Find Home & Garden news on gardening, architecture & architects, flowers & plants, interior design, home repair, real Q&A: The Story That Came From a Dog.
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Residential House Cologne Hahnwald by Corneille pool in Cologne house features large window with garden views Related story..

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Short season maturity for short growing seasons like ours, smaller varieties for smaller lots or for container. The home and garden newsletter includes design tips and trends, gardening coverage, and more.. The key to a well-styled kitchen: storage. Even if you don't know the name of the hippeastrum flower, there's a very good chance that you have seen it before. Wild onions and garlic are not grasses but bulbs, and cannot be controlled with a grass-selective herbicide. Every three to five years add a maintenance coat, and every few decades, have floors sanded and refinished. The New Zealand peppertree is a most unusual shrub but is becoming better known.