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recycle your wedding dress

When your wedding is over and the all the glitter settles, one of the bigger questions I get is “What do I do with my wedding dress?” You spent months looking o.
Turn your wedding dress into a keepsake, a new skirt, or trash it for a photo shoot with these 25 Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress.
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Recycle your wedding dress - expedition fast

Click here for additional information. Use the excess tulle to make a fun and frilly tutu skirt. Framed my wedding dress and love seeing it in my closet every day! Spotted Stitch Craft Create.

Or, you can give your dress a second life right away, by selling it or donating it online. These sites are all great. I know the perfect place you should sell your wedding dress online… I used lebanon-israel.info to do this and the process was so simple and easy. Get the tutorial at eHow. Wedding dresses can be hard to recycle in the blue bin sense, but they offer a wealth of opportunities for reuse, upcycling and donation. Thanks for the link. If you don't want the hassle of sending your dress somewhere, c heck with your local thrift store to see if they take wedding dress donations many do, but this einer reifen frau based on demand and need in your area.

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