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unspoken reason wedding photography expensive

The first thing anyone who has ever planned a wedding is shocked by is the cost. Weddings Wedding photographers are 3x the price of business event photographers. Wedding caterers: 3x the cost. Wedding The reason that weddings cost 3x the price, is that they are 3x the work. Let me explain A wedding is often the.
This is the unspoken reason that wedding photography is so expensive ; . I imagine wedding photographers have to shoot a lot of shots, only a.
The Unspoken Reason Why Wedding Photography is So Expensive. Wed, 7 Dec 2016 PM UTC. Here's a common complaint: "Why is wedding..

Unspoken reason wedding photography expensive - traveling

People devote so much energy into their wedding that it has to be utterly perfect. I didn't get much say in the photographer for my wedding due to my mom throwing money at the first friend who seemed ok. If you don't want to spend that much, then don't! And making sure you get the really important shots would be a fine art learnt after many failures.

It has ZERO room for error. It really helps with availability, as long as you're willing to put up with the long hours over consecutive days. The alcohol, food, unspoken reason wedding photography expensive, and cake get flushed down the drain quite literally. Interviews, scouting, engagements, day of wedding, editting, prints, open phone lines, etc. The photography is free. Which is the exact same thing you pay a photographer for, their skill, experience, and vision. The LD Bride Experience. Question Thread All old threads. PhotoZone - Lens and DSLR Reviews. Of course you throw your hat into the ring - why wouldn't you? So if you really want the best bang for your buck, hire people to service a low-key party with few guarantees. Unfortunately, when planning a wedding, some people, such as the Craigslist poster, never come to this understanding. Some photogs don't like giving out RAWs myself included because then some idiot will make it look like shit, print it out, post it on Facebook, and then credit me for the shitty work they did post processing it. If you warn them afterwards, it's your fault. Your email address will not be published. And i've rarely missed any important shot in the years I've shot but I'm telling you now that anything can happen" Pretty much, you just need to make sure they're aware of what may happen. The only way to truly decrease the cost would be to commoditize it, but you can't commoddotize skill and time like. Other than that, I might know where the rest of the pictures are. That should be worth the bill right there, IMO. Want to complain Mrs.

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Unspoken reason wedding photography expensive - traveling

There's nothing magic about this particular service that the laws of economics can't explain. Yes, and you can pull stills off of it. I took their pictures for free and gave her the images from the chip, including a great photo of the newlyweds near a stained glass window in the judge's chambers. Separate posts with questions are allowed if they are applicable to a broader discussion, but the same are also allowed in the question thread. Art is a luxury. That's a big difference.

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I don't discuss assistant costs, equipment costs, business overhead costs, software, editing etc. It's more about whether the customer will pay the price, how many will pay the price, and what prevents someone from undercutting the price and stealing business.